18 Jul 2009

Campaign for more openness re lobbyists

38 Degrees have launched a campaign for more openness about lobbyists - whether it's tobacco advertising, arms deals, GM food, or airport expansion, companies pay people to try to influence government. Currently we've no right to know what these lobbyists are up to. The secretive lobbying industry is worth almost £2billion a year!!! These sums are spent massaging MPs and officials to put private greed before public need.

Right now we have a great opportunity to change the rules for lobbyists. A powerful committee of MPs is calling on the government to introduce a compulsory, public register.

The government has promised a decision whether or not to act before the summer break. Together we can send a powerful message to the minister, Angela Smith, that she must end secrecy in lobbying. Sign here to add your voice and make it a demand she can't ignore.

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