10 Jul 2009

Call for Eden Project to end support for EDF

The news that the Eden Project has linked up with EDF is disappointing indeed - I've sent a letter below to them after I heard from campaigners at Stop Hinkley - indeed my letter is based on their stuff - readers of this might also like to send a comment to the Eden Project - heir email contact page is: www.edenproject.com/contact-us/index.php

Russ photoshop: EDF are also involved in dirty coal

Dear Mr Smit,

As a District councillor in Gloucestershire who has visited your extraordinary project I am very concerned to learn about the support that the Eden Project appears to be giving the French nuclear company EDF.

The company plans to build four giant reactors in the UK, yet you will know this is no answer to climate change. The Sustainable Development Commission said that replacing all UK reactors would reduce our carbon emissions by just five percent. The UK target for 2050 is an 80 percent reduction and we need to go further than this.

The EDF reactors will use 'high burn up' nuclear fuel which will take a century to become cool enough and manageable for eventual 'disposal'. Some interim storage will be in the South West ie burial in chambers which will in all likelihood leak into the environment during the million year life of the nuclear waste. There are also other serious risks like the fact that the super-fuel means the release of a higher proportion of dangerous radionuclides to the environment in the event of a serious accident. You are probably aware that EDF plants have been criticised in France for a recent spate of radioactive leaks.

EDF have recently asked the Government to consider the disadvantages to new nuclear power if renewable energy expands at the planned rate and 'threatened' to not build as many reactors unless they have extra demands met to balance market forces in their favour.

You will also no doubt be aware of the extraordinary move by EDF to take the 'Green Union Jack' from Ecotricity's awareness campaign and emblazoned it on their TV adverts. Apparently EDF spends only £5 per customer on renewable energy, the second lowest utility after N-power.

A Guardian article this week highlighted what it saw as 'greenwash' around the current EDF campaign pointing out that coal-burning power stations are also a major part of EDF's enterprise.
In France the company is under investigation for spying on Greenpeace campaigners.

The Eden Project has in the past made many efforts to promote key issues like climate change, yet this move to support EDF flies in the face of that. I hope you will consider pulling out of your involvement with EDF.


Philip Booth said...

Just seen this press release from Stop Hinkley:

Quote from it: “Hardly the stuff of sound environmental credentials,” Mike Rigby of anti-nuclear campaign group Stop Hinkley said, “It really is very rich for EDF, the biggest global corporate producer of nuclear waste and one of the worst carbon polluters in the world, to be lecturing the UK on how to save energy while demanding a reduction in UK wind power targets.”

Anonymous said...

Eden Project is a very respected venture .......................who by ?

EDEN is a Financial disaster (in debt, huge black hole for public funds.....)

EDEN is an Environmental disaster (huge car park,plants sprayed....._)

EDEN is an Employment diisaster (pays slightly over minimum wage)
(Tim Smit however has said on BBC Radio "Cornwalls need is high quality jobs")

TIM SMIT is a Millionaire, thanks

TIM SMIT is the darling of the unelected SW RDA Quango and doesnt need to take any notice of anyone else.

Most plants can be seen in Cornish Gardens charging half the entry price.