2 Jun 2009

Vote Ricky Knight: we are so close to getting a Green MEP in SW

ricky_knightA poll to be published tomorrow suggests the battle for third place nationally will be between the Green Party, the LibDems and UKIP. In the new poll, conducted by ComRes, the Greens have overtaken the LibDems for the first time since 1989.

Photo: Ricky Knight, Lead Euro candidate for Greens in SW

The poll suggests the Greens may be about to match their historic 1989 Euro-election vote of 15%. The poll shows support for the different parties as follows: Conservative: 24%, Labour: 22%, UKIP: 17%, Green: 15%, Lib Dems: 14% and BNP 2%. See more re my comments and the poll here and here about Ricky saying we can win. Plus here for more about the Euro campaign locally.

Here are some other links: Launch of the Greens 'million jobs' costed manifesto - see here - this is the stuff that is being v popular on the doorstep - a good strong positive message that shows we are serious about the recession and climate change. Jean Lambert MEP writes on 'How Green are the Conservatives?' - see here. And here about why a vote for UKIP is a vote against progress. Meanwhile see here that UK Gay News has come out in favour of a Green vote. I also saw this analysis here by Green Euro candidate Dr Lawson about Greens and expenses - Greens came out way best on accountability and transparency. Plus Caroline Lucas on Question Time - see more here. Here's a clip of Caroline calling for us to 'blast open a rotten parliamentary system once and for all':

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