27 Jun 2009

Video: What is Peak Oil?

The whole discussion of oil supply and demand can be complicated. How long will it last, and when can we expect to see serious impacts on our everyday lives?

Pic: Russ adapted this to wink a little!

This is an entertaining feature length documentary online of this topic - a chance to learn about the history, present and future of global oil production and consumption. It will hopefully 'change the way we plan our tomorrows' as the US Organic Consumers Association website says - see the film here. Meanwhile Greens have been trying to raise this issue at every opportunity at the District Council - at last we are starting to see more articles in the mainstream news - see here the excellent article re food here in the Sunday Times and it's mention of Stroud.

This week I got an email from Lester Brown - see his interesting article about the oil intensity of food here. It surprised me that packaging accounted for 7 percent of food system energy use - it is apparently not uncommon for the energy invested in packaging to exceed that in the food it contains. Fertiliser is 20%, irrigation and transport can also be huge - indeed I hear this week the Government is all set to encourage with big money supermarkets to buy from developing countries - so much for shop local and supporting local economy - indeed there is evidence that many of the crops grown overseas do not lead to benefiting the poor - it may have been OK if it had been investing in fair trade....


Philip Booth said...

I have just read that Raymond James and Associates say oil supplies peaked in first quarter of 2008 - this is not Greenpeace but a sober-looking investment house.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it if the Greens got in nationwide within a few months we would be like Cuba during its Special period.

The woman would have to go on the game and everyone would have to become a vegan.