21 Jun 2009

Simon McCorry and 'When The Lights Go Out'

This blog regularly features local folk - here is another guy who lives in Ruscombe, Simon McCorry (at first put McCurry - think I was hungry?) - he is currently making a short film about 'Wild Swimming' - should be ready v soon - as one of those folk who loves to swim in the sea or rivers I look forward to that muchly.....

Simon according to his website "has worked on many theatrical productions over the last few years, as a sound designer, engineer, composer and sometimes as a cellist. His music covers a range of styles, from soundscape to techno, from baroque to hip-hop, from live to recorded music". One local project included him being the Musical Director in the recent play 'When The Lights Go Out' by the Stroud Theatre Company - listen to a track here. Chris Garner, the artistic director of the Company also lives in Ruscombe .

In fact it was a hugely successful play that has led to a rerun being planned for the Autumn and an exhibition until the end of the month at the Museum - Randwick School children have already been up there to learn more about the war years.

See his websites:
Includes link here to his last film 'Tracker'.

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