11 Jun 2009

Greens ahead of Labour and Lib Dems

We had a bit of a celebration party-come-meeting last night for Greens - celebrating Sarah's win and looking forward. Indeed it was also great to read in the Stroud Life: "The Greens, in the shape of district councillor Sarah Lunnon - nursing a dog bite and feeling several degrees under the weather - have picked up their first, and some might say long-overdue, seat in Shire Hall. It is sure not to be the last as more embrace the eco message. History has meed made and e should remember that."

Photo: From SNJ who also reported the win

There was also a further look at some of the statistics - basically Green party results for Stroud District show we got 19% in the County elections and were just ahead of Labour and a point behind Lib Dems - however when it comes to the Euro votes for Stroud District we are ahead of both Labour and Lib Dems: BNP 3.1 %, CON 30.9%, GREEN 15.6%, LD 12.6 %, LAB 11.7% and UKIP 17.0%. Guardian Euro results are here.

See also Ricky Knight's thank you letter to local press here. See other election results stuff here. Meanwhile great to hear Greens gained an MP in Australia - Adele Carles used her maiden speech in the Legislative Assembly to push for an end to live sheep exports.


Red Green Nick said...

We just pipped you here in Bristol with 15.7% of the vote, although we were behind the Lib Dems and Labour(only just!) we did beat UKIP here though.
Shows what can be done with healthy active local parties.

Armchair Green (not by choice) said...

Thanks to all you folks - great result but disappointing not to get the Euro seat.