20 May 2009

What do you think of Stratford Park?

Twelve volunteers are being sought to help shape future services at Stroud's Stratford Park Leisure Centre. As noted on this blog the present contract for managing the centre is set to run out in October 2011, Stroud District Council is looking at what activities and facilities should be provided under a new deal and what developments might be possible.

If you are interested and are an existing or potential customer then contact Ray Figg, council head of cultural services at Ebley Mill. See here most recent blog which includes concerns re their lack of looking at sustainability - indeed just got minutes through from that Policy Panel mentioned in the blog and in my view the minutes played down councillors concerns that Sustainability should be a priority - also should we really be looking at Stratford Park in isolation from all other leisure services - I don't think so - I'll be writing again to Officers and Cabinet members on this.

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