14 May 2009

Three interesting articles

Photo: nothing to do with articles - just yet another photo of an overturned grit bin - this time in Puckshole - I have asked Highways to install ones that do not tip over so easily. They are currently considering the request.

If some senior Tories are questioning the point of Trident then surely Gordon Brown should live up to his disarmament rhetoric argues CND's chair Kate Hudson. See New Statesman:

What on earth are we thinking when we go into shops and buy lots of pointless stuff we just don’t need? John Naish says it’s not so much what’s on our minds, but which brain we use when we spend. See The Ecologist:

The Green party comment on the losses to road haulage jobs. See: http://www.greenparty.org.uk/news/07-05-2009-road-haulage-job-losses.html

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