8 May 2009

Surviving and Thriving on the Land

Rebecca Laughton has recently published ‘Surviving and Thriving on the Land’ (Green Books). I was going to review this book that I have just finished reading but then came across the following article that Rebecca has written exclusively for Transition. It is about what lessons Transition initiatives might learn from the smallholding community - see it here - it gives a flavour of the book.

Rebeccas' book is perhaps the first book to look at how to avoid burn-out, manage your time and earn a viable living from the land - it is all about getting that piece of land or joining a community to tend some land - but doing it so that you care for the people involved as well as the earth that you are trying to protect. I have to say in places I skipped as the info was all too familiar and in other places I would have loved to get more of a taste of the communities she researched - instead of just a mention of Stroud Supported Agriculture where was the celebration of this project that could and perhaps must be be replicated around the country - the book was more like a thesis than a romping read but full of loads of important info - huge thanks to Rebecca for this important contribution to this subject.

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