12 May 2009

Stroud Communiversity: showcasing our talent this weekend!

Stroud Communiversity is basically a showcase for Stroud's finest projects - a chance to share with others and inspire and be inspired - this year it returns with a fresh feast of Stroud's finest projects this coming weekend - 'Land, Food and Money' - it is about an examination of practical, creative and innovative solutions to support the growth and development of a resilient local economy - and coming soon is a day on water.

Photo: Ruscombe Brook last night - see blog coming later today

The 'Land, Food and Money' will run for three days this weekend, preceded by the launch of The Exchange on Thursday. Here is the programme with much more about the concept and courses here:

Friday 15th May for Place, People and Land with Martin Large, Richard Keating and Kel; Saturday 16th May for Food for Life with Nick Weir, Mark Harrison and Odilia Jarman; and Sunday 17th May for Working for Ourselves; Working for Eachother with Molly Scott Cato and Max Comfort.

As noted plans are getting underway for a conference on water with Stroud Communiversity for 23rd June - I missed a meeting last week but have been helping set it up - we are looking to have great local speakers plus a tour of flood sites of the Slad Brook and a unique Sustainable Urban Drainage System (see what is in store here re tour).

Quote from the Communiversity site: "So learning is like muck, the more you spread it around, the more human growth there is in spades...."

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