17 May 2009

How to make a banner?

I've had so many folks ask about how the Woodcraft banner was made that I am going to put the instructions here - I have to say the design was nothing to do with me but rather Sue, one of the Elfin Woodcraft parents who had us last week making this banner. A wonderful fun event.

Anyway start off with canvas, then every child was issued with masking tape and set about sticking various shapes onto the canvas - the parents helped with the letters.

Then came the paint - a waterproof acrylic - thought we were going to need that as the weather forecast was for rain - infact it was sunny.

The children mixed and merged the paints on the canvas - some thought about colours for particular bits like a sun being more yellow but others just went for whatever colour - the whole canvas was painted.

It took two days to dry and then the fun of picking and peeling away the masking tape to reveal the banner.

Lastly came the dowel or hazel sticks to hold the banner up.

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