5 May 2009

Hawkwood Open Day

Monday saw Hawkwood open for their Open Day - they do it twice a year - I enjoy going if I can and was pleased to see progress on the Meditation Centre in the woods - see below - and the great new labyrinth (see photo which will be similar to the one in SNJ as their photographer was next to me seeking permission to photograph the kids).

Anyhow other highlights of the day included the singing, watching the maypole dancing and wandering amongst the various stalls of healers and more. It was nice to see that the School of Homeopathy (now celebrating 28 years) is in the process of moving to Hawkwood College for Sept 2009.

It was good to see how well the ponds have developed - they were designed to treat the sewage. Anyhow see the Hawkwood website here.

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