26 May 2009

Greens ranked top on transparency, accountability, democracy and waste

I've just returned from a camp with 96 other Woodcraft Folk in Nailsworth at teh wonderful Thistledown Centre - loads of fun but it is back to the last days of the Elections campaign and today the story is about Caroline Lucas MEP, leader of the Green Party, who has been rated best British MEP on transparency, accountability, democracy and waste - plus Britain's Green Party MEPs were ranked above the groups of all other British parties.

I've just helped to put together a press release to help get this info out - there is so much disillusionment with politics it is important that folk know there are those in politics who believe and act on accountability. Anyhow see here comments by myself and Ricky Knight, Lead-Euro Green party SW candidate.

The research was done by Open Europe who have published a ranking of all 785 Members of the European Parliament, scoring their record on promoting transparency and reform in the European Union over the last five-year term. While Greens were at the top the bottom nine places in the Open Democracy survey were occupied by four Conservatives and five UKIP MEPs - with the tenth-worst British MEP slot being held jointly by UKIP leader Nigel Farage and an MEP each from Labour, the Conservatives and the LibDems.

The revelations about MPs’ expenses is just one more symptom of how far the system is failing us. As I've said before "Greens want to change this fundamentally, to make the system fairer, more open and more accountable. We want politics to work with the community, for the community. The natural place for decision-making is as close as possible to the people affected. The current crisis offers a wonderful opportunity to make this happen!"
You can see more comments re each party on the MPs election expenses scandal here plus a brief statement video re Greens on expenses here.

A Guardian poll found 27% of voters are planning to support a minority party. It puts Greens at 9% of the total vote, while Ukip is on 10%, leaving the BNP way behind on just 1% – considerably down on the 5% the far-right party achieved at the last European elections in 2004. Ukip's standing is lower than its 16% vote share in 2004, and still surprising given the party has been beset by infighting, MEP expense scandals, resignations and a low profile during recent years. Our 9% share is three points up on our performance last time and suggests we could be set for our best performance since 15% of the poll in the 1989 European elections.

I've just heard a new poll which we can release on Thursday puts Greens at higher than 9%.

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