12 May 2009

The Great Whiteshill and Ruscombe arts and craft exhibition this Saturday

This Saturday 2pm to 5pm and 7pm to 10pm the Village Hall will be open for a free exhibition of local artists and crafts people.

This evening I stumbled into the meeting planning the event - I had misunderstood - thinking this evening was a hanging session ready for the weekend - apparently that will happen on Friday night after 7pm.

I was only intending to hang the picture and go onto meet someone re their planning application. In the event I left with my huge pic under my arm (see photo) - embarrassed by intruding on the huge crowd of folk and the call to look at my pic - after all here were some real professional artists and more - and this was the first pic I'd painted in oils for many years - indeed I have not painted more than a handful in oils - I would love to get back to it when I have a bit more time. Anyhow I will return with the pic if they have room - it is not for sale.

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