26 Apr 2009

Willow Elfin's and glorious Randwick Woods

Well a very busy week with work and meetings every night last week - indeed two meetings on two nights! Three of those last week were for Woodcraft - it all started last weekend with Sunday at the British School for an all day Woodcraft training session, later in the week we had a parents meeting to plan our sessions for the term then Thursday our first session of the term with children at Willow Elfins.

Some might remember we were appealing for new members of the Willow group - see here (incl background re group) well we are now up to 18 children (2 places left - boys please as we are short of them) and virtually all turned up to the first session. I came away exhausted but it was fun - the evening included making bows and arrows out of hazel which were then cautiously tested.

Next Thursday we will be in Randwick Woods trying them out more seriously and of course enjoying the bluebells - it is stooooooopendous there at the moment.

Yesterday I had a wonderful walk around the woods - these pics do no justice to the wonderful carpet after carpet of blue. Don't miss them - they must be one of the best places in the country to see them! There are also the tail-end of the wood anenomes (see blog here).

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