22 Apr 2009

Stop proposal to limit vitamin doses

This is a timely petition against the European Commission’s imminent proposal to limit maximum dosages of vitamin and mineral food supplements across the European Union.
I've covered this issue before - see for example here and here - and Youtube video here - we need to demonstrate to European regulators - as well as to governments at Codex - that unnecessary limits on food supplements are an infringement of our right to natural health.

Photo: Randwick woods

Any limits must be based on proper science, not arbitrary science that is heavily influenced by political concerns. So, from whatever country you reside in, if you agree with the concerns expressed in the petition text, please sign and ask as many of your friends, relatives and contacts to do the same:


Anonymous said...

yet you want to get rid of / reduce vaccination programmes?

fucking idiot

Philip Booth said...

However strong feelings about this issue, do you really have to resort to such verbal abuse when debating?

Compulsory vaccination was rightly dismissed even by this Government - this plan to set limits on supplements is yet another nanny state policy restricting health choices - but also working in favour of big pharma corporations.

Liz Williams said...

You mention 'big pharma' and I just saw this below - not an isolated incident I am sure.

Vioxx maker Merck and Co drew up doctor hit list
AN international drug company made a hit list of doctors who had to be
"neutralised" or discredited because they criticised the anti-arthritis drug
the pharmaceutical giant produced.

Staff at US company Merck &Co emailed each other about the list of doctors -
mainly researchers and academics - who had been negative about the drug
Vioxx or Merck and a recommended course of action.

The email, which came out in the Federal Court in Melbourne yesterday as
part of a class action against the drug company, included the words
"neutralise", "neutralised" or "discredit" against some of the doctors'

It is also alleged the company used intimidation tactics against critical
researchers, including dropping hints it would stop funding to institutions
and claims it interfered with academic appointments.

"We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live," a Merck
employee wrote, according to an email excerpt read to the court by Julian
Burnside QC, acting for the plaintiff.

Merck & Co and its Australian subsidiary, Merck, Sharpe and Dohme, are being
sued for compensation by more than 1000 Australians, who claim they suffered
heart attacks or strokes as a result of Vioxx.

The drug was launched in 1999 and at its height of popularity was used by 80
million people worldwide because it did not cause stomach problems as did
traditional anti-inflammatory drugs.

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