13 Apr 2009

I've just 'bought' some land at Heathrow

Yes I am now a 'beneficial owner' of a piece of the plot that Greenpeace have bought in the middle of Heathrow. See more: www.greenpeace.org.uk/climate/airplot/about-airplot

Tackling climate change means stopping airport expansion and this plan is a great way to help stop the expansion at Heathrow. Greenpeace want 100,000 people signed up and already have over 41,000 in the opening days of this campaign.

A piece of land or property can only be registered in the names of a maximum of 4 people. These are the "legal owners" of the land. However, these people can own the land on behalf of any number of "beneficial owners" who have rights and responsibilities in relation to the property.

Greenpeace are not actually selling off pieces of the plot, so it's not going to cost you anything if you join me. Of course a donation would be great - a monthly gift by direct debit or a one time gift on your credit card. Go now to the campaign website: www.airplot.org.uk

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