19 Apr 2009

Hard Rain: one of the most powerful exhibitions to come to Stroud

Yesterday I managed to go to the Hard Rain exhibition in Stratford Park - it is only here until 28th April and we are very fortunate to have it on our doorstep. It is hugely powerful stuff that moved me to tears - as the old Chinese proverb says: "A Picture's Meaning Can Express Ten Thousand Words" - together the photos bring to life Dylan's passion and words in unexpected and effective ways. A must see. Huge thanks to all who made it possible - it is a great call to action for all of us.

Photos: some of the pics from the exhibition - start at the bottom and work back - not like some folk who read it all backwards.

The exhibition opened the night before with a mass singing of the Dylan Song that was apparently very moving. John Marjoram I am told made a powerful speech calling for action. The Hard Rain website is more than worth a look. Here is some of how the Town Council are advertising the event:

After touring the globe and visiting such places as the Eden Project and the UN Headquarters in New York, one of the world's most acclaimed photo exhibitions is due to stop off in Stroud. The exhibition puts together images collected by international photographer Mark Edwards and words from Bob Dylan's classic song 'Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall'. It will run at the Museaum in The Park from April 17th-28th - and you are invited to help open the show.

Dave Cockcroft, vice-chair of our Finance and Recreation Committee, on the Town Council said: "This is a stunning exhibition and we're delighted to support in PhotoStroud bringing it Stroud. I think anyone who goes to view it will be deeply moved by the words and images which bring home the environmental catastrophe we are all facing."


Organiser Fred Chance explained: "As you know, PhotoStroud has organized a season of events through April linking together words and photographs. The last of these is the very moving 'Hard Rain' exhibition. It has toured some of the most important exhibition sites in the world and has now, of course, found it's way to Stroud. The exhibition puts together images made and collected by internationally acclaimed photographer Mark Edwards and words by Bob Dylan. There is, in fact, one photograph to each line of Dylan's 'Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall'. If you know the song you will remember that there are quite a few lines. The photographs and the words are printed on material which will be shown outdoors in Stratford Park on a single banner which is an amazing 50 meters long."

It will be shown on a greenwood frame which is being specially made or the event and can be seen until the end of April. The launch of such an important exhibition, though, is an important event in itself.

The exhibition has been made possible by the generosity of Stroud based Ecotricity and it's founder Dale Vince OBE. Stroud Town Council have helped make the framework to support the exhibition with a grant of £500 and Kendrick Street wine merchants Oeno have offered assistance with the launch arrangements.

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