5 Apr 2009

Gully Monitor appointed!

As regular blog readers will know I have been pursuing solutions to the local blocked gullies for a wee while - local farmer Julia Currie has been doing it even longer - well we had progress last year and now it looks like we are getting closer to some answers...but we will have to see as we've had a number of false promises in the past...

Photo: Gully in Bread Street

Julia Currie had a meeting on site a couple of weeks ago and we have both had various correspondence - she jokingly suggested to the county that she should officially get the title of 'Gully Monitor'. However joking apart we now have the County confirming that the 3 gullies at the bottom of Ruscombe Road/Bread Street will be cleaned out after heavy rainfall to reduce the risk of flooding at that point. This had been promised to me previously along with a couple of other gullies in Randwick that have problems, but didn't seem to be happening.

Additionally, this cleaning will involve removing the years of debris which has been piled up against the Cotswold Stone wall which forms the boundary to a cottage there. This would be shaped back to the height of the continuing verge. We will than be able to judge if this improves the situation at times of extreme rainfall. At least it will remove the chance of bank/gully debris being washed into the gully.

The work however wont start for two months so we will need our new Gully Monitor to be vigilant. See how to report incidents here.

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