4 Apr 2009

Glos Airport's so-called 'green policy'

An update on Gloucestershire Airport - campaigners have submitted questions to Cheltenham Scrutiny meeting on April 8th - and I think Gloucester City meeting is the next day.

The Councils have come up with an action plan of so-called ‘green’ measures to be considered so that the Airport can control its carbon footprint. The Gloucestershire Airport Green Policy has been drafted following consultation with Cheltenham Borough and Gloucester City Councils, who jointly own the airport. It will be discussed at both the councils’ Overview and Scrutiny meetings and will then go to cabinet meetings for final approval this month.

Adoption of a green policy was a requirement of both Cheltenham Borough and Gloucester City Councils in giving their in principle support to the Runway Safety Project. The press quote the Joint Airport Scrutiny Working Group (made up of councillors and officers) saying they believe that tackling climate change is vital. I have to say I have seen precious little evidence of this to date - indeed it is almost laughable 'greenwash' if it wasn't so serious - here we have an airport expanding and massively increasing emissions and they are trying to sell the idea and mitigate a few emissions to get their plans approved.....

Many questions have been asked of Scrutiny and there are still many very serious concerns that have not been addressed. It is true the policy includes some good stuff like workers travel plans but we need those anyway plus a ceiling is proposed on total number of flights per annum - except of course the proposed new flights are larger planes and they don't want to set the target now plus can we really believe them - Heathrow similarly promised no expansion...

Let us hope councillors see sense and dismiss this plan to expand our local airport - it would be the wrong decision in so many ways.

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