6 Apr 2009

Age of Stupid comes to Stroud

The film Age of Stupid is coming to The Space in Stroud on 3rd May.
You would be stupid to miss it. Box Office: 07973 225 694. By all accounts this is a great film.

Instead of the conventional ‘red carpet’ at the Age of Stupid premiere, there was a green one, made from recycled materials. See Ed Miliband squirm there when he is challenged by director Franny Armstrong (also director of McLibel) and the movie's star, Pete Postlethwaite - the latter pledges his support to the Not Stupid campaign by vowing to return his OBE if the UK government fail to stop Kingsnorth - see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5RCHXLW93E

Amazingly the finance for the movie’s £450,000 budget came from many dozens of individual or group subscriptions. The crew gave their labours freely or for very basic pay. The film also must be one of the first for including in the final credits a ‘carbon budget’, detailing its contribution from its making to global warming. Apparently it came to 94 tonnes of CO2 which is equal to that generated by four average Americans or 185 patio heaters in one month.

A number of Greens saw the film previously at a Green party conference before the premiere and those I spoke to have been delighted with it - although one said in parts he was not always sure of what the film is saying. Nevertheless this film apparently 'knocks spots off An Inconvenient Truth' which Al Gore won an Oscar for....

Keep an eye on the www.ageofstupid.net website for details of other screenings and how to organise your own screening. See also Gillian Anderson discusses airport expansion and coal power stations here.


Russ said...

94tonnes of CO2=47,854 cubic meters of CO2

by my calculations.

I'm not sure that the damage to the Earth is worth it; aren't we supposed to be reducing CO2 emissions?

*cough* CERN *cough*

Russ said...

I'm a meanie


Philip Booth said...

The hope is that this film will have such a profound affect on all that it will lead to actions to cut emissions that outweigh any emissions costs in making the film....

Russ said...

I know, but I was just drawing a parallel with your CERN blog post.
That the information gained from running the CERN experiments could be priceless, and is well worth the environmental cost.

That is one problem I have with Greens, is that a lot of them can't seem to understand the importance of science, in the greater picture of civilisation. And at it's basics, the connection between science and technology.

What goes on at CERN could lead to a technology that could save the planet. Maybe it would lead to a new type of solar cell, for example.
Maybe, in spite of all the green art etc, some greens are just lacking in imagination perhaps.

Or is science perceived by those greens as the boggy man?

It is true that science can lead to chernobyl, but nature can lead to the black death.