9 Apr 2009

999 Planet in Peril launched today

Jonathon Whittaker, a local Councillor in Gloucester, has been a campaigner on climate change for a long while - he has now launched this new venture.

Photo: Launch of 999 Planet in Peril with Rebecca Dobson and Ian Lander from Vision 21 along with Jonathon in the middle.

He writes: Copenhagen December 2009 represents the last chance for humanity to seriously tackle human induced global warming in time. The delegates will only come away with a workable deal if there is sufficient pressure put upon them. That pressure will come from an informed public, knowing the Talks importance.
‘999 Planet in Peril’ is a simple innovative mechanism to engage a seemingly indifferent public.

The success of ‘999 Planet in Peril’ can give us hope!
Using well tested mechanisms and current public interests - all for FREE! Check out the website: http://www.999planetinperil.com

The hype, celebrity and money of 2007’s Live Earth failed. The simplicity and avoidance of money with this initiative could well succeed where more illustrious attempts have failed before.

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