5 Mar 2009

The Lake at The Lawns latest

The SNJ yesterday had an article about the lastest on the Lake at The Lawns in Cainscross - the last bit of Ruscombe Brook before it goes into the canal.

Photo: Lake last year

It is to be transformed into a wildlife haven by Stroud Community Land Trust. As reported before on this blog the Lake at The Lawns was once part of a Victorian estate. It was left largely unmanaged for more than 40 years before Stroud Community Land Trust took over responsibility.

British Waterways did some work a while back on the site - although there were few water specialists who agreed with their plans - indeed at one meeting I attended all groups from water engineers, the Council's drainage officer, local Council, Water 21 and many others all said there were better ways of spending the money - my blog has reported some of that before - see for example here and here.

The works they did have improved things even if most felt there were more sustainable solutions - and it is great that the Trust has now secured further monies to start the first phase of a 10-year project to turn it into an urban oasis - and much needed - as I've said before Cainscross ward is the highest concentration of housing with the fewest green spaces in the District so it is great that this area is now to get some more attention - and I read in the SNJ that the Lawns accounts for 30 per cent of the open green space for that urban area of more than 7,000 people.

Some other bits from SNJ article: Records show that the lake itself dates back to the 12th Century and was used as a mill pond for Canalside Mill in the 19th Century. When the house was sold in 1904, the estate agent said the area was mainly open, with several old timber trees, fruit trees, a kitchen garden, chicken runs, greenhouses and a tennis courts. There were also two small ponds alongside the lake. Gloucestershire County Council bought the property and demolished the house in the 1960s to make way for the Cainscross Roundabout and Tricorn House. The lake at The Lawns is all that remains of the kitchen garden and more formal grounds. Anyone with historic pictures of the lake or mansion can contact Stroud Town Council on 01453 762817.

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