7 Feb 2009

Tesco preparing U-turn on GM

Hershey Brazil has removed GM ingredients from its bars - but Hershey appears unwilling to do the same for consumers in the UK. Have a look at this label showing 3 different GM ingredients in Hershey's Nutrageous bars on sale in Tescos. See more re how you can campaign here.

Photo: chocolate listing three GM ingredients taken by campaigner - see here

Worse still Tesco chief executive Sir Terry Leahy says UK supermarkets may have been too quick to jump on the non-GM bandwagon and signalled Tesco is willing to re-open the debate. Indeed there are growing moves from many bodies to support our Government's push to over-ride consumers wishes and concerns and allow GM to be grown and imported more readily.

Emma Hockridge, Soil Association campaigner, commented: "Proponents of GM technology have been claiming to be on the brink of developing a range of benefits for years, but these have not delivered. The claims of increased yields have been widely discredited. Concerns about growing and eating GM food are justified by both experience and scientific research. Once these GM crops are released into the environment, they will spread, and transfer GM traits to related native plants. Once released, they can never be recalled. This is a poorly understood, inherently uncertain and potentially very dangerous technology."

You can also take action against the supermarkets here.

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