5 Feb 2009

Gaza: an update plus local events

Greens are calling on Israel to refund aid to EU that had been spent on developments in Gaza and have now been destroyed by Israel - see here. Meanwhile I see my letter re condemning the BBC decision over the appeal made it into local press - see it here - I wrote it a wee while ago but haven't found time to put it on blog....

Photo: snow melting near Mathews Way - more snow pics and news soon but just not managing to find time to blog - worked at home today and thought I'd go sledging but too much work so didn't even get a walk out in the winter wonderland - although earlier in the week had a wonderful couple of hours in the snow.

.... it does seem that the mainstream media have lost some of their interest in Gaza and what to me seems the shocking refusal of the world's governments to condemn its war crimes. Israel is continuing its siege of Gaza which reduces most of its population to dependency on emergency food rations to survive - Israel has wrecked up to 60 percent of Gaza's agricultural industry - see here and imposes severe limits on all basic necessities, including medical supplies.

Across the country there have been many activities to highlight the situation - student occupations of universities demanding disinvestment from Israel, Gaza aid collections and protests, pickets publicising the boycott of Israeli goods and benefit concerts for Gaza. In Stroud the vigil has continued each Saturday - both Stroud Life and SNJ have contacted me each week for details - although I am not an organiser - it is the Stroud Peace Group who have carried on with their vigils and reminders of the need for peace.

The vigil for Gaza is continuing at least for this Saturday (7th) in Stroud High St outside Millets 11.30-12.30. But I've also been asked to promote an Action for Palestine event on 19th Feb at 7.30 pm in the Space, Lansdown Road, Stroud. The Speaker will be Mike Cushman from Jews for Justice for Palestinians - he is a recent visitor to Gaza on the Free Gaza boat Dignity. There will also be a short film: 'Bethlehem: Hidden from View.' Plus time for discussion & Refreshments.

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