25 Feb 2009

Different shades of green

Photos: Chester Cathedral Creation window - I went last year after reading an inspiring book about this window - see here - nothing to do with this post but amazing to go and see.

Anyhow I came across this from the Footprint Blog:

Fact No. 1: the human eye can see more shades of green than of any other colour.

Fact No. 2: while there has been little progress in addressing environmental issues, there is now a great deal more awareness of them than a few years ago.

As a result it is not surprising that the green movement is showing increasing signs of splintering, as Paul Kingsnorth's article and blog suggests. Green-ness used to be classified as either light (with a lot of white and prone to green or whitewashing) or dark and somewhat forbidding. Then there is the acid green of those prone to violence in the name of protection. But there is also the blue-green, who put the conservative in conservation, and the red-green (which should really be called brown) who link social issues to environmental concerns. And there is also the question that Paul raises of what it is all for. On this there are the technical greens, who may not even ask the question, as long as there is some environmental benefit. And the spiritual greens, for whom that is the whole point.

In response to this I wrote a great long piece and for some reason my blog has failed to save it - it is now lost forever - I had written about Arne Naess and Deep Ecology's influences on me - Deep Green stuff - then talked about red-green stuff - for me and indeed for the Green party, the idea that you can separate social justice from environmental justice makes no sense. Having said that the Green party has various shades of green folk - although I doubt many of the acid-greens as the party is very clearly about non-violence....

I also wanted to acknowledge that Paul Kingsnorth has a lot of important stuff to say in the link above about wilderness

Ah well I'll have to try and write it again sometime but have lost that flow that sometimes comes....and it was probably more interesting for me than you folks out there...

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Russ said...

you should write long pieces in a word process and copy-paste into your blog input field.
That's what Shakespeare did.