17 Feb 2009

Biggest march in human history?

The Czech Foreign Minister, Schwarzenberg, is on his way to visit Hilary Clinton to discuss the US missile base in his country among other issues. Some will remember I have had an interest in this topic and corresponded with the hunger strikers in the Czech Republic - see here and here more stuff re background - anyhow I've recently had an update from them and they also sent news re the march - see below...

Greens have blocked the final ratification of the missile defence treaty in the Czech Parliament while they wait to see what the Obama administration intends to do. Protests continue. In Brussels, on the 18th of February 2009, there will be a meeting in the European Parliament among various MEPs and 20 Mayors of the Czech Republic and many protest groups will be present. The demonstration will be called “the invisibles”, because the 70% of the Czech population that is against the US radar base are invisible for the media, as are the 95% of the world’s population that are against wars.

World March for Peace and Nonviolence

This is planned to be the biggest march ever organised in human history - it will start in New Zealand on the 2nd of October 2009, proclaimed by the United Nations as the International Day of Nonviolence. It will pass through a hundred countries on five continents and will end in the Argentinean Andes on the 2nd of January 2010. We will no doubt hear much more of this - and hopefully have a chance to get involved.

Hundreds of organisations and personalities have already endorsed the March, like Michelle Bachelet, Chilean President, the Dalai Lama, the Italian football club Inter Milan, the actor Viggo Mortensen (from “the Lord of the Rings”) and many others.

Participate and join us in this March to say “no” decisively to wars and violence: www.worldmarchforpeace.org

More re Czech Republic

Video of the demonstration already held in Prague: http://www.europeforpeace.eu/news.php?id=1036&country=
Brief presentation about the Space Shield, useful to inform institutions, friends and groups in a simple way:
Video with Noam Chomsky about the Space Shield in Europe:
Video interview with Noam Chomsky about the possible role of Europe in order to avoid a nuclear catastrophe:

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