27 Jan 2009

Trailers at the Household Recycling Centres

I had a phone call last week from a Randwick resident who rang up re his double axelled trailer and booked a slot to take his domestic waste to Horsley. He went successfully a couple of weeks ago and tried to book again to take part of an old kitchen but was told his trailer was too large and would not be accepted.

Photo: recycling at Sharpness?

I've since spoken to District and County Council and both are looking to improve the situation with the contractors. It is clearly confusing to customers - and worse still this guy was given no advice as to where to take his waste. This seems a missed opportunity and could well lead to an increase in flytipping?

There is a meeting coming up in a couple of weeks and it looks like a way forward might be to ask folk about the size of their trailer then book the bigger domestic trailers in at off-peak times. Clearly having a large trailer in the centre at peak times could cause chaos as there is little enough room to move there.

It is also essential good advice is given if they cannot accept the waste - ie mainly that would be business waste - I have asked if the Councils can advertise more prominently the excellent website the Waste Directory on their websites as this gives good info re disposal - see: www.wastedirectory.org.uk/

See more re what can be recycled at the Household Recycling centres here - plus info re booking your trailer in for a visit there.

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