29 Jan 2009

Painswick Gateway project nears fruition

After more than two years of negotiations, trustees of the Painswick Gateway project are close to deciding whether it will go-ahead - see previous blogs here and here - I have had little to do with the project recently but was involved in highlighting the plight of the library - indeed my blog was picked up by a trade International magazine whose editor came and interviewed us in Painswick - see here - I digress...

Photo: inside Painswick library

Trustees plan to buy the village library in Stroud Road from Gloucestershire County Council for £90,000 – which they would then run on behalf on the community. There are also plans to reconnect the church rooms with the library. Under the scheme a new safe access-way to Painswick would be created for residents and visitors. This is all exciting stuff to create a real community resource.

More than £73,000 has been pledged to the project by nearly 200 residents, plus a £20,000 grant from Stroud District Council and another from a local trust, for the purchase of the library. The original prospectus of the project, approved last January, can be viewed at www.painswickgateway.org.uk along with contact details. Observations or further pledges of support are being sought. A final decision will be made next Wednesday.

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Philip Booth said...

Gateway project is currently on hold as not enough money raised so far - hope they can do it.