12 Jan 2009

Great local bird photography

I was in a friends house the other day and her son was looking at the website called The Gloster Birder put together by Mike King - I loved the photos - see here:

Indeed some quite amazing photos worthy of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year which will be coming again to Twigworth's Nature in Art - I love this show - and it is one of the first out-of-London showings of the latest exhibition of the world’s largest and most prestigious wildlife photography competition - jointly owned by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife magazine. They have selected the top 85 stunning photographs from entries from 82 countries - starts Jan 27th to Mar 8th. And thankfully this year not sponsored by Shell - see my previous comments on that here.

Anyhow the photos on the Gloster Birder site are astonishing - the ones here I've pinched for this blog entry come from this page here - I think they are by Martin Dyer and Gary Cox - but the site doesn't credit pics well - take a look and see more incredible pics taken in the last week.

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