13 Jan 2009

Gaza: petitions to sign and another Stroud vigil

At the end of the Stroud Vigil on Saturday for Gaza it was agreed, assuming the violence is still continuing, to hold another vigil 11.30-12.30 on Saturday. It would be great if this one was even bigger - so tell all your friends. Bring a candle in a jam jar and any banners or placards.

Photo: Standish woods

The blog entry re the Vigil has led to a fair few extra emails to me this last few days - I wanted to highlight first three petitions folk can sign:

Plus a friend of a woman in Stroud is in Gaza right now and is still doing a blog when possible: http://talestotell.wordpress.com/ She apparently travelled there with the Free Gaza Movement and is now volunteering with the Red Cross and Red Crescent. It is not easy reading, but gives an insight to how it really is there, right now. There is also a report with more eye witnesses and comment from SchNEWS here.

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Anonymous said...

Came across this:

Victory for the Greens!

Group leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit has just succeeded in getting a resolution on Gaza. After a fiery speech from the floor of the chamber (never thought I'd be writing that), MEPs voted by 105 to 86 for a resolution to be passed on the situation there.

The Parliament is due to debate the issue on Wednesday but there were no plans for a resolution to be issued.

The Greens want the resolution to condemn Israel and call for an immediate ceasefire on both sides, although that may be watered down by the time an agreement has been reached with the other groups - that's how it works out here.

The Socialist group wants to model any resolution on the UN's recent statement, but the Greens want to go much further, including possible trade sanctions and a halt to plans to officially upgrade the EU's relations with Israel.