20 Jan 2009

Energy Roadshow in Dursley on Valentines Day

This morning I had a good meeting with folk from Vale Vision and Uley Go Zero - we were looking at how we could work together more re promoting energy efficiency and renewables. Following the Open Homes event last September that I coordinated - see report and details here - we were looking at how to work more together so as not to reinvent the wheel.

The Open Homes was hugely successful - over 1,100 visits to the exhibition and 12 homes - and over the last weeks I've been having meetings and phone calls to see how best to take it forward for next year. More of that soon but here let me publicise the Energy Roadshow in Dursley on 14th Feb - see more re their exhibition and talks at: www.uleygozero.com

It looks set to be a great day - already Nailsworth had a small event put on by Green councillor Fi MacMillan and Sustainable Stonehouse are planning one very soon as well. In our meeting we looked at possible ways of working more together and also shared some great ideas about ways forward.

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