9 Jan 2009

Elfins, Greens and a Parish Council meeting

Evening meetings have started up again properly as life gets back to 'normal' after Christmas....although not so easy for many locally as Randwick School has been closed since Wednesday this week - water mains burst then gas leak - some of the children are clearly loving that but it has played havoc with many parents trying to go back to work...anyhow....

Photos: another of Standish Woods earlier this week, Wheelers Walk parking area and views looking out across from the lone Ash

...this week so far a crisis meeting for the Woodcraft Elfin groups - a couple of the local groups are short of leaders and the group I am a leader for will be short of children (6 to 9 year olds) come the middle of Feb when some of our group moves up - 15 parents turned up and much useful stuff was discussed about ways forward - Monday night next week there will be a Stroud District Woodcraft meeting that will hopefully make some decisions about best ways forward - but if you are interested in joining a woodies group do contact us...

The Stroud District Green party's monthly meeting was Wednesday night at Star Anise cafe - some 20 plus people and discussions re elections in May - this ward is not up for election for another year.

Anyhow in terms of public events we have a ceilidh coming up on 17th Jan and this Saturday a vigil for Gaza - see more and our recent letters and news releases here.

Last night it was Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish meeting at the new later time of 8pm - the minutes will be out soon on the website so I wont cover them here - items included proposals to promote insulation and other energy saving measures more locally and news that there would be another meeting re the basketball hoop siting on the Playing Field.

One other item was a follow up re a business operating from The Close in Ruscombe. See application here. This was not a Planning matter but rather a Certificate Existing Lawful use/development - so it is basically a legal decision.

Locally there was - and indeed still is - strong opposition to the parking of machinery and repairs to vehicles there - some have complained about the noise levels - I've had many conversations on this but permission has now been granted. I have to say I am disappointed that permission has been given but it would appear from the evidence given there was not any other route the Council could take. Furthermore I understand conditions have been set about what can and cannot take place there - I'm hoping to find out more re this....but must be off to work now....

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