10 Jan 2009

Birdsong and goddesses in Stroud

After the Gaza vigil today - a blog post coming soon on that - I went to Mills for an espresso and saw the pictures by Sam Makumba - very much liked his pics of goddesses...see photo.

Sam has had a mention before on this blog when he was making the bread oven in Nailsworth (see here). He is a Ugandan Artist living locally - in his blurb he says he is inspired by the natural phenomena and our relationship to the natural world. He has also now opened up and art and science school in Uganda to support those who cannot afford to go to school - infact people are invited to come to the school from any walk of life and share their skills or experiences. See more: www.deweschoolofart.com/

After the coffee I came out into the Shambles to the sounds of birdsong - one of the market stalls was selling cds of song recorded over the last two years locally in places like the Slad Valley. Great stuff and only £7.50 for a cd - check it out next time you are there on a Saturday.

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