19 Dec 2008

Randwick: Nativity, Parish cheques, Puckshole and our hall

This blog has all sorts of gaps in over the last weeks - I am realising that it is v hard to keep up to date with all local news - anyhow here is a brief bit re last night - it was Randwick School's Nativity Play and Carol Service in Randwick Church - very nice indeed - that was followed by Randwick Parish Council meeting.

Photos: Nativity and below cheques being presented to local groups

It was a short meeting - an hour - a race through stuff including my bit as a District Councillor - a brief mention of the results re the bank along Church Road being saved and the latest re Puckshole...

Puckshole flooding

I've had various conversations over last weeks about proposals there - CCTV camera work shows the culvert a Acres Place is very blocked - we now need discussion re replacing grill, cleaning culvert or even building a new on - of course the more sustainable option would be to build attenuation ponds rather than a new culvert - ie slow storm waters down so they don't rush on down the river adding to problems elsewhere - but more work is still needed to assess what is best as the situation is confused by the Wheelers Walk outlet there which is eroding the bank and increasing flows....the good news is that the District Council are actively seeking solutions to these problems.....but more discussion needed.

Fund Raising project

Other items at the Council meeting included Randwick Village Halls request for grants each year so that they can use that to get a loan for the planned new toilet block - no decision made until more info - but at this pointy it is worth mentioning the Village Hall Fund Raising project - pay £10 a year for 8 draws a year with top prize possibly around £100 - to enter ring Morton Watkins on 751248. They are hoping to raise £500 a year to aid the wonderful hall.

Other items covered the latest moves to sort out the Guide Hut, 20 is Plenty, Committee structures for the Parish and more.

Cheques and wine

At 8pm the meeting was closed and the Parish cheques were presented to various representatives who attended.

You'll see the photos of Parish councillors dishing out the cheques to Chest Foundation, Randwick Revellers for a lighting rig for the hall, More Hall Convent for furniture, the school to repair some vandalism and the local Historical society to help with their latest book project.

After that it was time for wine and nibbles -great to chat to various folk - then home - it seemed darker than ever and I stumbled along the footpaths to get home.

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