22 Dec 2008

Dirty List of companies in Burma

Campaigning for Human Rights and Democracy in Burma
The Burma Campaign recently launched their new edition of the “Dirty List” containing 170 companies that directly or indirectly fund Burma’s brutal regime. Thanks to campaigners emails over the past year many companies have pulled out of Burma, depriving the regime of hundreds of thousands of pounds....XL insurance, Cotton Traders, Arig insurance, Trailblazer Guides, Jet Gold Corp, CHC and Aquatic to name a few.

I know folk are pretty busy this time of year but maybe over the holiday break you could write to a few of these companies and tell them to stop bankrolling Burma’s generals: http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/dirty_list/dirty_list_details.html

Here is what the Burma Campaign write: "Every single day foreign companies give millions of dollars to the regime; allowing them to buy the bullets, guns and supplies for the army that keeps them in power. These companies are financing a regime that rapes five-year-old girls, shoots peaceful protestors and leaves storm victims to die. This is your chance to speak directly to the companies that fund the regime. Tell them why what they’re doing is wrong. Tell them why they must respect the wishes of Burma’s democracy movement and pull out of Burma now."

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