30 Nov 2008

Stroud Freerunner website launched

Randwick freerunner/parkour Olly has started setting up a website at:

It is still under construction but has a leaflet to download that he has produced. Here are some extracts from it below - meanwhile I am still pursuing sessions at Stratford Park - see here.

"The majority of the British population know about the increase in childhood obesity and carries on shifting blame from computers to television to games consoles to children�s lack of imagination however only a small minority are trying to do anything to help, I'm aiming to set up a street sports organisation for supporting and funding general 'street' youth activities such as Parkour, Basketball, Skateboarding etc, if you have any information or can help in any way please contact me."

"Parkour like any sport increases fitness, however unlike football, tennis, skateboarding and most other sports requires nothing but the �traceur� (free runner) so it can be performed anywhere with enough practice...." "Anyone of any age can try it, if you can run and jump you can do Parkour it�s all a matter of training from there."

"Parkour has received very mixed views from the media some in favour of the activity and how it is helping to inspire young people but needs to be made safe..... " "Parkour is a rapidly increasing sport; however facilities for the sport are slow on the move. Kids in Stroud are taking the sport in their stride but don�t know about all the risks they are taking......."

And here is quote I gave to press a while back re an incident in Stroud re freerunning - although they didn't use it: "I don't know the details of this incident, but Police in the past have handled similar situations sensitively. It is difficult to strike the right balance. We have a culture that encourages Parkour/Free Running with James Bond films and Madonna videos - yet at the same time there are good reasons to be concerned if young people are trespassing or damaging property or themselves. It is surely great that these young people are honing and developing their athletic skills? The young people I have met who participate in this new sport are keen to share their knowledge and issues of safety with others - they would like taster sessions at Stratford Park and to make a film that would include more re the safety aspects. To me if we ignore the issue it could lead to more accidents as people try out tricks, use dangerous locations etc. It is far better we encourage responsible Free Running. Skateboarding is much more widely accepted now. The time is right for Free Running sessions to be organised in Stratford Park like at other sports centres. I only wish I was a little younger and fitter to be able to join in!"

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