21 Nov 2008

SNJ launches appeal in memory of Alec

Former church minister and Randwick villager Alec Alder approached the SNJ just before he died and suggested we could all do a little to help those less well off in our community this Christmas.

He then sent a £5 note the next day with a note saying: "I hereby start the project by sending the first £5 and trust we can make it the best Christmas ever for those in need."

The SNJ say they are launching this 'Help The Needy This Christmas Campaign' appeal in memory of Mr Alder. If you would like to help please drop off a Christmas box or bag to their offices in Lansdown, Stroud containing warm hats, scarves, gloves and socks and even a nice simple bar of soap if you can manage it. See more about their campaign here to help Marah - and more about Marah and the work they do in Stroud here.

1 comment:

Russ said...

hey, I thought that Christmas was about eating non-fair trade chocolate, shouting at undesirables and sending turkeys to hell!?