28 Nov 2008

Join the 'Free Gary' demo

Teresa who lives in Berkeley is trying to bring together a group of campaigners to join demonstrations in support of Gary McKinnon at the US Embassy in London on Friday 5th December 2008, 5pm - 7pm.

She contacted me after seeing previous comments on my blog re the Free Gary campaign. Sadly I can't go that evening as there are several events - not least the Goodwill Evening and the Venetian masks etc - I am helping organise a group of the Woodcraft Elfins with lanterns and all to be part of the procession - last night great fun making masks with them in Uplands Hall - although our huge pot of glitter got spilt and no broom - we pride ourselves in leaving the hall v tidy so I had to make a couple of apologetic phone calls today!!

Anyhow I digress I have just sent out a press release re the Free Gary demo - see it here - and contact me if you wish to join the group of campaigners. As I said in the release:
"The U.K government has perversely signed a one sided extradition treaty that has given more rights to American citizens as we in the U.K have to provide actual proof/evidence before we can extradite a U.S citizen. There have been cross-party calls for an assurance that Gary McKinnon will be repatriated following a conviction in the US. Gordon Brown must now ensure that happens if the courts finally decided on Friday 5th to extradite."

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