2 Dec 2008

Hurley wrong over fur

I was asked to comment at the weekend re Elizabeth Hurley promoting furs - the actress-turned-model who lives in Gloucestershire has signed a deal with American fur house Blackglama reputed to be worth up to £300,000. Baby minks are apparently used for coats that sell for up to £13,000. Here is basically what I said:

The Greens are the only party committed to ending the killing of animals for their fur. Greens joined the recent National Anti Fur March and Rally in London as the Government rightly banned fur farms in 2003, but haven't stopped the import of furs from foreign farms. With this huge loophole, Labour has effectively exported the cruelty abroad.

The vast majority of UK residents do not buy real fur and the vast majority of clothes stores do not sell it, but unfortunately there are still some people buying and wearing fur, and fur has seen a slight comeback in recent designer collections. 85% of the fur industry's skins come from factory farms where animals are kept in unnatural, cramped conditions where disease spreads quickly and where horrific slaughter methods are often used. It is disappointing that Liz Hurley, who sets such a good example in her organic farming practices, should promote this cruel and unnecessary trade. With so many fantastic faux furs available there is no excuse for the wearing of real fur.

Back in July 2006 I remember chairing one of the Coffee House discussions - see here - I remember well the passionate and heartfelt speech by one of the animal rights campaigners at that meeting - but let me repeat once more that the Green party utterly condemn the use of violence in support of any cause - let us hope we can get through to Liz because fur, as Jessica Watson in FemaleFirst says "is definitely one of those things that is better faked, whether you're a legend or not."


Merci said...

If Liz Hurley is the stuff of legends then we are indeed in a sorry state. Shame you gave her and the product free publicity by displaying the photo. I personally find even the wearing of fake fur distasteful.

Jen said...

Thanks for blogging on this - horrible to see all those baby mink skins on Liz Hurley - why would she do this? Is it just money???

Anonymous said...

I would

at least twice