17 Nov 2008

Compelling videos of sustainable solutions

I get a lot of junk from various folk wanting me to advertise on this blog - some offer money if their site is visited, some are selling ideas, some products, but I nearly always say no - however e2 transport (pronounced e-squared transport) have just emailed me with a set of videos they plan to show online.

Photo: Pics of one of Seoul's main routes into the city - vast quantities of cars - love this story - it was converted into a park - see below - one of the films below looks set to tell the story - see Guardian article here.

Some snippets and vids are already available on the site and are narrated by Brad Pitt Set (online November 24, 2008 - most only available for only one week).

kontentreal, a NY-based documentary filmmaking company "explores attainable solutions to
pressing environmental and social challenges, and tells compelling stories featuring new advances in sustainable living and transportation....."e2 transport" comprises six episodes that cover the following topics: London's initiative to transform itself into a metropolis designed around people, not cars; the culture of the VĂ©lib bicycle program in Paris, allowing Parisians clean, efficient transport along with a blooming bike subculture; an investigation of the distance traveled by food as it makes its way from the field to our homes, and the positive impact of investing in local food systems; Seoul's restoration of the ancient Cheonggyecheon
stream in its city center, revitalizing the economy as well as environment; the wisdom of Portland's city planners which transformed it into a global model of transit-oriented development; and innovative technologies that are transforming air travel into an eco-friendly and efficient business."

I was meant to have press access to show stills from the films but for some reason the password doesn't work - there is a great shot of an expresso bar made from old washing machines in Holland. Go to the website now to view: www.e2-series.com/

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