9 Oct 2008

What's in my Drawer?

The Citizen and Echo have apparently started a section entitled "What's in my Drawer?" They kindly invited me to submit my drawer contents - well not literally - here is the list below I sent this evening. I was tempted to add other things into the drawer or take some stuff out but this is basically it....

- a Green party rosette
- Flyer for the amazing "The Light of The Century" painting exhibition at Angle Asian Cultural Centre in Gloucester (until 26th Oct)
- credit union members passbook (join now!)
- a pink hairband?!
- a cigar (don't smoke but won it in Havana in 2001)
- beautiful pebble from Branscombe beach (Devon) near where my parents live
- leaflet seeking volunteers for Whiteshill Village Shop and Coffee Bar (best view in county)
- a Woodcraft Folk badge (I help run my step granddaughters Elfin group)
- 7 small Norwegian flag pins for syttende mai (National Day) - my partner's Norwegian
- packet of endangered 'Blue Coco' Climbing French Beans saved by a friend
- DVD "Så Som i Hummelen" - a beautiful Swedish film (waiting to lend to my brother)
- stamps, 3 screws, 29 paperclips, 5 elastic bands, and various writing implements


russ said...

so, is this a christmas draw?

how much are the tickets?

I want to win the paper clips and the rubber bands....

Merci said...

Russ, surely you can afford a proper pair of suspenders?

russ said...

yeah, but this is recycling.

It's just a step to the center left.....

Philip Booth said...

Thanks for making me smile