6 Oct 2008

Update: Puckshole river, road closure, gulleys, chicane and hoop

Update on local issues below - plus must send congrats here to Painswick on best kept village award, to Farmers Market for being in the BBC Food Oscars and Olivas deli and cafe in Painswick - fantastic coffee and a great great place!!

1. The chicane on the Plain, Whiteshill - the chicane is damaged. It is meant to be on a works schedule of repairs but still no joy despite reporting it several times (see here). Warning barriers have been up there or lying down there for many months and are still there. I and others have been concerned to ensure that when the repair eventually happens that the cyclists' cut-through is maintained. There is also a concern re parked cars - in that when the cycle route reopens cyclists understandably do not want cars parked blocking the route as they did before.

2. Puckshole river - the river is no more (see photo of river) - how many months and phone calls and emails?? But at last great news indeed! For those who don't know a metre plus wide river has run down the road there for many months - damaging the road and leading to pedestrians having to walk in the middle of the road in this narrow dangerous lane. I have also had concerns that in darker evenings and icier weather conditions would get even worse. Some of us took diorect action with spades this last weekend on the brook close to this site - see here.

3. Puckshole road closure - the road is to be repaired at the end of this month - closed for 4 days -it is patchwork rather than the whole lot as capital funding seems unavailable - so no doubt the spring in the middle of the road will be back soon.

4. Drains and Gulleys - all the answers to my latest queries and previous questions that I have had from the County Council indicate this will clearly be an on-going problem for all of us - it would seem that without additional resources for more maintenance and improvements some of the gulleys will be unable to cope with the water. Virtually any heavy rain seems to lead to problems in this area. Having seen elsewhere other designs for gulleys, I have asked if the County think these might be suitable to help?

4. Basketball hoop - the Parish have approved the hoop going in the field but installation costs have gone up so final approval has been delayed. See previous blog on this here - and below a lovely comment from one of the potential users of the hoop - let us hope construction begins soon!!

I am over the moon that you all have managed to retrieve the spair ring from stratford park and I look forward to its installment in Ruscombe. I think that many people will benefit from this, it will certainly encourage youngsters to play basketball when they otherwise would not have, along with being a source of practice for persons such as myself. I have at least ten friends who I know as basketball players in the area (Ruscombe and Randwick) and I'm sure ther are others who I will meet at the court. Basketball is a very social sport in this sence, as one player may head to the court for some shooting practise, find another player there doing the same, then there is a high chance that the two players would have a game, then most likely make friends, so in this sence having the court would bring together the youth who otherwise would not have come together. As I said, I am really looking forward to this new asset to Ruscombe. Again many thanks.

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