13 Oct 2008

The leaning telegraph pole of Ruscombe

Apparently some 5 years ago a pole in the bridleway leading off Bread Street was condemned by a an inspector who was shocked at it's state - leaning and rotten - neighbours were told it was to be quickly replaced but no action since then. Last week one of those neighbours showed me the pole when he was raising another matter with me - apparently 4 houses have phone lines to the pole including a business.

Photo: Leaning pole of Ruscombe

Well at home I made several failed google searches for getting a telegraph pole replaced and then got unwell. I am delighted that the Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Clerk Julie Shirley took up the task for me and managed to speak to a real BT person rather than a computer - an inspector was despatched - apparently the pole isn't on their records - anyway the next day - Friday - a team arrived on site to do the job.

However I have just spoken to a resident there - BT were there for some 2 hours as equipment could not get to the location - the resident recommended talking to a neighbour who is a relative of the field owner to see if they could get access - he didn't think they did that - anyhow they went away leaving the pole leaning - we assume they will be back! But if you want a look at the pole you'd better get there quick as it will either fall or better still be replaced v soon.

Update: new telegraph pole up and working!

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