25 Oct 2008

Huge fire in Cainscross: homes still being evacuated

Last night homes were being evacuated after a huge fire broke out at units behind the former Wycliffe garage site in Chestnut Lane, Cainscross just after 6pm. This morning homes are still being evacuated although I cannot see any smoke from the site now - poor people indeed.

Photo: Smoke yesterday evening pouring over Whiteshill and Farmhill - apols for poor quality

Apparently over 40 firefighters with crews from Stroud, Gloucester, Dursley and Chipping Campden were all called to the scene. 38 houses within 200 metres of the site were evacuated over fears about volatile gas being stored on the premises - some residents were taken to an emergency shelter which was set up at Stroud Leisure Centre. Thick black smoke and 20 metre high flames could be seen over Stroud and explosions from acetylene cylinders stored in the units were heard across the area.

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