1 Oct 2008

Gurkha win

Must just mention delight at the Gurkhas veterans winning the high court legal battle for right to settle in UK.

Photo: The Green party's Rob White with the Gurkhas outside Reading Town Hall less than a month ago highlighting the issue

The recent Green Party's annual conference voted overwhelmingly to back a fast track to either residency or citizenship for Gurkhas and their families. Indeed many others have come out to support them including Joanna Lumley whose father served with the Gurkhas for 30 years - and locally it was good to see Alec Alder of Westrip have a letter in The Citizen this week also calling for justice on this issue.

Amazingly Gurkhas that had retired before 1997 did not have the right to settle in the UK, but Gurkhas that have retire after 1997 and completed four years of service did have the right. Since 1997 more than 2000 Gurkhas have been refused the right to settle. Many of these ex-Gurkhas are living in poverty in Nepal and in need of urgent medical attention that they cannot receive there. The decision today doesn't go as far as many of us wanted but it is a significant win - now there is still the issue of pensions to sort. See Guardian report here.

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Brilliant news