29 Oct 2008

Dismay at nursery fingerprint recognition door entry system

Earlier today I was commenting on this blog on the dire new appalling Communications Data Bill (see here) which proposes to record - for life - the details of everyone you call or write to and what websites you visit. Then later today I get a call to comment on news that Tiggers nursery at Downfield has installed a £10,000 fingerprint recognition door entry system! Sadly another aspect of our 'database state' that we are creating....

Photo: last of the Sweetpeas?

I didn't get back in time to the Stroud Life journalist as work was busier than usual today but did leave a comment on their website - part of it said: "By introducing this into nurseries, we are normalising fingerprint scanning and giving children the message that they are in danger by seeing their parents fingerprinted. There are no proven benefits of using this system. Even Microsoft's Identity Architect Kim Cameron has said that 'It is absolutely premature to begin using 'conventional biometrics' in schools'. Furthermore the Government have still to issue guidelines concerning the human rights implications of the use of biometrics in schools. While I recognise some parents fears this is not the way to deal with them." Read full release here.

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