14 Sep 2008

Wonders of Medieval Fayre

Today Victory Park (Cainscross) was alive with stalls and folk dressed in costumes - everything from Morris Dancing to singing and dragon dung - I took time out from the Open Homes (more of that later) to wander around the Fayre.

One of the events was about who could first recognise the dastardly sheriff - the costume I was given - see photo - was apparently designed for the Sheriff originally - and I was accosted by more than a handful of children who reckoned I had a likeness to the drawing - it wasn't me - thankfully - you'll see in the photos below what happened to the Sheriff - loads of wet sponges and the stocks....

Anyhow a huge thank you to all who helped put on the festival - especially Cainscross Parish councillor Helen Royall - she's the one leading the community choir below in green.

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