22 Sep 2008

Sign petition to stop water fluoridation

The public consultation in Hampshire on whether to fluoridate our water supplies is a complete sham - as noted a couple of weeks ago here on this blog, we have seen an extraordinary bias in the way the health authority are carrying the consultation out and the BBC are sadly reporting in a very one-sided manner - now there are more adverts like this one plus cards and more giving only one view of water fluoridation.

This is all worrying - if fluoridation happens there it will make it easier to happen here. I would strongly recommend folk taking part in the consultation with the link below and sign the petition just launched but not publicised yet. Sign here: www.thepetitionsite.com/1/no-fluoridation-for-southampton

Please also make your views known at the South Central SHA's Fluoridation Consultation homepage: www.southcentral.nhs.uk/fluoridation/

See article by David Cameron's advisor Zac Goldsmith here. He writes in The Independent: "Is fluoride safe? It's been linked to cot death, eczema and cancer - but now the Government
wants to put it in our tap water. This mass medication can't be right...Fluoride is thought to work best by applying it directly. Drinking it to stop cavities is like eating bandages to cure a broken arm."

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