4 Sep 2008

Randwick phone mast likely to be rejected

Previous blogs have carried info on the proposed mast near Ash Lane (click on label below and scroll down for info) - officers at the District Council have recommended refusing planning permission - great news indeed.

Photo: view of mast site

The main reason SDC are rejecting are the lack of consideration of other suitable sites fails to demonstrate that this is the least visually intrusive. However along with my objection, both Randwick Parish and Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish objections there were also 11 members of the public objecting, a Highways objection, the Public Rights Of Way Officer objecting, the Cotswold Conservation Board objecting and the National Trust objecting. Well done indeed to all who have helped get us this far. We now await the verdict of the Development Control Committee on Tuesday - let us hope they take the officers advice - I personally cannot see how they could do anything other than that....

Details of Development Control Committee meeting on 9th September here. See Planning application details of Stroud District Council website here.

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